Combing the desert

Comb the desert!

The Moon of Vega is a nameless Moon that orbits the Planet Vega. Most of the moon has a desert climate, with a scorching hot sun, and sand as far as the eye can see.  Known inhabitants include Yogurt and the Dinks

Lone Starr and Barf crash-land the Eagle 5 on this moon while helping Princess Vespa evade Dark Helmet.  While trekking through the desert together, Lone Starr and Vespa fall in love.  Lone Starr also learns about The Schwartz from Yogurt, who then refuels the Eagle 5 so that Lone Starr and Barf can leave to defeat Dark Helmet.


  • Music from Lawrence of Arabia plays while the gang crosses sand dunes.
  • Vega is a parody of Tatooine from Star Wars.

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