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Michael Winslow
Radar Technician
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The Radar Technician watches one of the radar screens on Spaceball I as the Spaceballs try to kidnap Princess Vespa.  He has an impeccable skill of re-enacting the sounds that a radar would make, although Dark Helmet considers him crazy after he demonstrates it.

He was portrayed by Michael Winslow.

In the movieEdit

The Radar Technician watches his radar screen, making beeping sounds as he does so. Suddenly, static appears on screen, causing him to buzz as well. He reports to Dark Helmet and Evil Colonel Sandurz that the radar seems to have stopped working, since he lost "the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps." Helmet and Sandurz seem confused by this report until the technician makes these sounds himself, although Helmet tells Sandurz, "That's not all he lost." Raspberry jam soon covers the radar screen, making Dark Helmet realize that his old enemy, Lone Starr, must be trying to foil their plan. (Lone Starr and Barf literally jammed the radar with a giant jar of jam.)

The Radar Technician presumably escaped Spaceball I before its destruction. It is not known where his escape pod landed, though.


  • Michael Winslow, also known as "The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects", made each sound in this scene by himself.
  • Even though the Radar Technician only appears once in Spaceballs, the end credits still bill him as highly as it does the major heroes and villains.
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