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Spaceballs: The Animated Series

Spaceballs The animated series is an animated television show aired on America's G4 channel and Canada's Super Channel. It is based on the movie Spaceballs. The show is produced by Brooksfilms, Mel Brooks' production company, through MGM Studios. Only three of the movie's cast members reprised their roles for this show: Mel Brooks (President Skroob and Yogurt), Daphne Zuniga (Princess Vespa), and Joan Rivers (the voice of Dot Matrix).

The show retains the same original sci fi bits from the movie, and adds references to other movies, tv shows, video games, and the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Ocasionaly the show repeats bits from the movie such as an alien bursting out of a man's stomach, Snotty, and Pizza the Hutt.


The series premiere in North America was delayed due to unknown reasons, but the series aired on Canada's Super Channel before then. In 2008, it premiered on G4, following an airing of the classic movie. The series ran for 1 season before its cancellation.

Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • The upside and the downside of The Schwartz are called the bright side and the schwartz side.
  • Lone Starr and Princess Vespa married in the movie, but in the series, they apear to be only dating, as Vespa refuses his preposal in "Lord of The Onion Rings."


  1. Revenge of the Sithee
  2. Grand Theft Spaceship
  3. Lord of the Onion Rings
  4. Watch Your Assic Park
  5. Outbreak
  6. Harry Putter and the Gopher of Fire
  7. The Mighty Meteor
  8. Spaceballs of the Carribean
  9. Fishfinger
  10. The Skroobinator
  11. Deep Ship
  12. Druidian Idol
  13. Spidermawg
  14. Pilot Part 1: The Avenge of Dark Helmet
  15. Pilot Part 2: The Schwartz Strikes Back

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